Help make the UK a TTIP free zone

The EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is threatening our public services, food and environmental standards, workers’ rights and even our democracy. We can stop TTIP by standing against it together. As part of our campaign, we are resisting TTIP from the grassroots up by helping our supporters to build TTIP free zones across the UK with our TTIP free zone packs.

Can you help us print more packs and get more local governments on board? 

Activists holding stop TTIP signs in Bristol 

Our supporters are pushing local governments to take action to declare themselves TTIP free zones and make a stand against the trade deal. With 19 TTIP free zones across the UK, we are really gaining momentum and pressuring our government to say no to TTIP.

When we’re up against such a profit and power driven trade deal, every voice counts to make sure it is stopped.

We need help to make more packs to send to supporters wanting to take action in their local area. Please give £5 today to help make one pack to beat TTIP from the grassroots up.

The total cost of producing the amount of TTIP free zone packs needed to achieve our numbers this year is £2,500. If we raise more, the extra funds will go towards making universities and work places TTIP free zones.



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